“The right diet is key to any successful health improvement.”
– Kerri

Keto is the best diet for overall health and healing

Kerri started with diet interventions in 2004 progressing through diets such as gluten free/casein free (gfcf), specific carbohydrate (SCD), PALEO, GAPS and others. The results were limited until the arrival of low carb/high fat diets like Rosedale and Ketogenic. Keto has become increasingly popular due to the results obtained for overall health.

Object of keto diet is ketosis

Ketosis is when the body is burning ketones instead of carbs/sugar as fuel. This is important because sugar (simple carbohydrates) fans the flames of inflammation and free radicals in the body which are often the beginning of chronic illness and disease. Ketones are water soluble energy molecules which are much cleaner burning than carbohydrates, reducing all the problems of hunger, cravings, insulin spikes, inflammation, and free radicals associated with carbs and sugar. Free radicals cause tissue, cell, protein and genetic damage. Burning ketones reduces and resolves many of these problems and also starves the pathogens such as candida and parasites that feed on simple sugars like those that are found in grains, starches and fruits.

Keto diet is safe

Keto diet is simple to follow and no doctor is needed. Ketoacidosis is a completely different and dangerous condition caused by uncontrolled diabetes. The amount of ketones in ketosis are 0.5-3mmol/l with glucose 70mg/dl or less. When the body is in the life threatening diabetic ketoacidosis (happens in type 1 diabetics who are uncontrolled) the ketones are 20mmol/l with glucose levels between 250mg/dl to 400mg/dl. While ketosis and ketoacidosis are two completely different metabolic processes, they are sadly confused by many who try to lead us with our health issues. Please do not be confused. Having ketones in the blood is normal in ketosis and desired.

What is the KetoKerri diet?

Kerri found a way to improve the Keto diet, to make it easier to follow and to achieve better results when seeking to restore health.

TRUE KETO: 70% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs

KETOKERRI: 50% fat, 50% protein/complex carbs (protein max 1g per lb body weight)

  • 50% of the calories consumed must be good fats like MCT C8, coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee without casein
  • Fats from avocados and eggs are also emphasized
  • KetoKerri does not limit complex carbs, which should come from non starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Stevia for sweetener, never honey with keto
  • KetoKerri diet is easier to use than original keto diet
  • KetoKerri diet emphasizes MCT C8 Oil, coconut oil (for cooking), avocados, and eggs.


KetoKerri diet limits protein because high protein diets are not good for many reasons. The main one is that protein if consumed in quantities higher than needed will be stored as fat and converted into carbohydrates. A diet too high in protein causes inflammation and that is a root cause of all illnesses. In general, no fruit or grains, instead place a lot of importance on MCT C8 Oil, coconut oil (for cooking), avocados (between 1-3 a day), and eggs. Of course there are other foods, but these are the most important and the healthiest for the healing process bar none. They are the most ketogenic of all.

Diet modifications

The above are general guidelines. KetoKerri diet may need to be modified in specific cases depending on the individual and the health goals sought. Kerri has a great deal of experience optimizing diet in individual cases so a consult with her may be the best solution to maximize results.

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