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Dr Reinwald PektiCLEAN Micro


20 sachets

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Pectins occur in many plants, fruits, and vegetables and are an integral part of our diet. In plants, pectin can be present in different molecular sizes. It is a water-soluble fiber. The production process for PektiCLEAN® concentrates a particularly high proportion of short-chain (low-molecular weight) pectins (60%).

Micro-pectins are a comparatively young class of chelates of biological origin. The low-molecular size of micro-pectin leads to a larger surface area and thus a larger adaptation area for substances.

Recommended usage:

Take at least 2 to 3 hours after your last meal or 30 minutes before breakfast.

Adults:: 1 time daily 1 sachet

Children: 1 time daily 1/2 – 1 sachet

See box for preparation instructions.


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