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PSN Silver Mouth Spray


One 2 oz bottle of Premium Select Naturals Structured Silver Mouth Spray

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Premium Select Naturals Structured Silver Mouth Spray contains 10 ppm structured silver, natural peppermint essential oil, xylitol, trace minerals, and stevia for flavor.

Promotes good oral hygiene and fresh breath.

Silver has been widely celebrated for generations due to its natural cleansing properties. Our powerful structured alkaline silver delivers an additional layer of protection supporting both the topical and internal immune systems. Silver is an incredibly effective immune support supplement, and its natural antimicrobial properties make it perfect for oral health.

The peppermint plant is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean. Its natural cooling effect is due to the active menthol and menthone which invigorate, energize, and prevent growth of harmful bacteria. Peppermint essential oil is a natural choice for its invigorating, breath-freshening abilities.

The trace minerals found in Premium Select Naturals Structured Silver Mouth Spray are harvested from the mineral dense Great Salt Lake in Utah. Trace minerals start their journey at the mountain peaks, and flow down through rivers into one of the world’s most densely packed reserves in the Great Salt Lake. Trace minerals are a key component in the generation of billions of tiny electrical impulses within the body. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including the heart, would be able to function. Trace minerals include iron, chromium, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, and selenium among many others.

According to numerous studies, xylitol boosts dental health and helps prevent tooth decay. It does this by starving the plaque producing bacteria in your mouth while also feeding the friendly microbes in your digestive system. Xylitol does not spike blood sugar or insulin levels or increase the heart rate like conventional sugars and sweeteners. Xylitol is the best natural choice over other harsh chemical sweeteners.

Stevia is another natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. It is known to be 100 to 300 times sweeter than sugar and can therefore be used in very low amounts to help balance the flavor profile in different products. Stevia contains no carbohydrates, calories, or artificial ingredients. Stevia contains no fermentable carbohydrates, meaning that it can’t metabolize with mouth bacteria. The Caries Research Journal published a study that concluded that stevia is considered non-acidogenic, which means that it supports dental health.

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