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Initial Consult (1 hour)


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Nature Wellness te invita a reservar una consulta

60 minute initial consult with Kerri – $175

After you have made your order and you have received the confirmation email:

Click ‘Reply’ and send the email with the added information: In the email to Recipient section, change the subject line to “Skype appointment payment for ”, and in the email body section include your (or your child’s) name / age / weight and your name/email, country with time zone, and Skype name/phone number. If you have never used Skype before or do not have a Skype account please sign up for one.

If you have not received an email from Kerri to set up an appointment within 48 hours please check your spam folder. If you do not find anything there please contact support.


Send email to: or click the button below:

Email Kerri

Please be punctual for your appointment. Thank you!



A consult with Kerri is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice and is not a substitute for a consult with your doctor or healthcare provider. As always, you are responsible for your health, and for the health of your family.

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