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Global Healing Foreign Protein Cleanse


1 – 2 oz bottle of Global Healing’s Foreign Protein Cleanse

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Healthy Spike Response

Formulated by Dr. Ed Group and Dr. Bryan Ardis, Foreign Protein Cleanse targets spike proteins in the body, which can disrupt the body’s natural inflammatory response. This specially formulated blend is particularly useful for individuals experiencing persistent symptoms from ongoing health challenges. It is a potent cleansing formula containing advanced ingredients that form a harmonious symphony of bioactive compounds. Foreign Protein Cleanse seeks to enhance immunity, improve respiratory health, and support a balanced inflammatory response.

The next generation of rapid delivery and enhanced bioavailability based on raw, energy-enhanced, cold-processed Acoustic MicroSomalâ„¢ Technology! Over 25 years of research and development created this advanced technology that is more effective and bioavailable than standard Liposomal products.

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