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PSN Humic/Fulvic (1 Bottle)


Premium Select Naturals Humic/Fulvic (One 4 oz. bottle)

76 mg fulvic acid and 504 mg humic acid per 1 oz


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Humic acid and fulvic acid come from deposits of humate found throughout the world. These deposits have formed over thousands up to even millions of years ago. Time and pressure have turned them into rock.

Each deposit has its own unique characteristics depending on the various factors that occurred during its formation. These factors include but are not limited to the types of plants that died, the prevailing temperature, the climate, and the minerals present in the soil at the time, to name a few. This is what makes humic acid and fulvic acid so unique, no two samples are the same based on these varying factors.

In an effort to make a more uniform and all-encompassing product, Premium Select Naturals has found a source of humic and fulvic acids that is obtained from four distinct regions and then combined to make a product that possesses the different properties of each different humate deposit. Most humic and fulvic acids come from only one deposit and are therefore limited to the properties present in that deposit alone. Our blended source brings all these various regions together and blends them into one product. These regions are forest, plains, desert, and tropics. In essence, our product is like getting the benefits and properties of four different humic and fulvic acids rather than just one.

  • 75 minerals, trace minerals, and electrolytes
  • 4 distinct sources – forest, plains, desert, and tropical
  • Third party certified
  • Heavy metal safety certified
  • Instructions

    Take 1 ml at a time up to 3 times a day or as directed by your health care practitioner. May be taken alone or mixed with other liquids. DO NOT mix with chlorinated water.





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